The Guild Blog Program is designed to provide a way for Guild Members to create and preserve WordPress Blog style content. The Guild currently has identified three types of blogs:

  • Members’ Family History WordPress Blogs
  • Guild Registered Study WordPress Blogs
  • Guild Post holder WordPress Blogs

See Blog Types for details of the three types.

As the blogs will be WordPress sites, they may be any combination of blogging articles and static pages as appropriate.

The Guild Blog Program (GBP) blogs are designed to use WordPress exclusively to minimize the need for long term support by Guild volunteers to keep the sites operational. The GBP blogs will all be available to the public as part of our outreach for public education on family history and surname studies.

A GBP blog requestor will be known as the Owner and will be configured as a WordPress Administrator for the blog. The Owner may designate other Guild Members as Administrators. Members of the public will be allowed to have accounts but may not be Administrators.

The Owner can edit and manage the blog just as if it were on a commercial hosting company’s server. All the material uploaded can be viewed world-wide and will be available to future generations.

The blogs will all be expected to show that they are affiliated with the Guild of One Name Studies to help publicize the Guild. By displaying Guild affiliation, the Guild Blog Project specifically addresses the Guild Vision that the Guild should “strengthen its position as the centre of excellence for surname studies.” It also increases the visibility of Members’ research since the Guild’s main website is a portal to the Guild Blog Program.

GBP Support

The GBP has a volunteer project team to help Members with site setup and support. Volunteers wanted! Members can email the team for support. A Web Forum is also available for both WordPress and GBP support.

If you need help or advice before you get started, please contact the GBP Team.

In order to minimize long term support issues, the Owners will be expected to minimize the use of themes, plugins, etc. that are not maintained by their developers, require a paid subscription, etc.

A list of all GBP blogs (active and legacy) will be available shortly.

The GBP Team encourages non-members with a GBP blog account to join the Guild, and existing members to make effective use of current technology whatever their computer skill level.

Blog URL and Subdomains

Each Blog will be setup as a subdomain of the domain with an appropriate security certificate so that blog can be accessed using the https protocol, e.g.,

The Study and Post holder blogs will have a subdomain name assigned by the GBP team. The Owners of the Member blogs may request a particular name (… not a possible Registered surname or Post holder name…) that will need to be approved by the GBP team.

Members’ research preserved – indefinitely – Legacy Status

After the member passes away or ceases Guild membership, the Guild will preserve any contents the blog has while converting the blog into Legacy status. As such, the site will continue to be available to the public indefinitely as long as the Guild is able to do so.

The Member’s content will be frozen and the GBP Team shall make updates to the blog to identify to the public that the blog is in legacy status, disable further commenting, subscribing, creating new accounts, and other changes to assure blog can be preserved and easily maintained.

As the Guild is committing to preserve your research after you leave the Guild, the GBP Team has identified some specific rules for how an active blog is transitioned into a legacy (retired) blog, depending on the type of blog.

A Member’s blog will normally be frozen when the Owner leaves the Guild. If the Owner specifically designates to the GBP team that another Guild Member is to assume ownership of the blog, the blog ownership will be transferred to the new Owner.

A Study blog will also be frozen when the Registrant leaves the Guild. If and when a new Guild Member registers the surname, the new registrant may either start their study with a copy of a previous blog for their surname or start a new blog. In either case, the original blog is retained and still available. All Study Blogs will be available within the same subdomain.

The Guild recognizes that most Guild Registered Studies are based on a Bearer of that registered surname that is part of the Member’s personal family history. Your Study GBP blog may include any of your personal family history and genealogy that connects to a bearer, no matter how distant.

Post Holder blogs will not normally go into legacy status as the blog owner will always be the current holder of the Post.